Arhatic Yoga Retreat 2020 Philippines

Raise your awareness to refine and experience the fullness of your life.
Come and immerse yourself for a weekend of meditation, blessings and priceless teachings

Presented by Master Stephen Co and Marilette Liongson


Early bird rate (until April 27, 2020) – Php 20,000
Regular Rate – Php 25,000
(Venue details will follow soon)

Inclusions are the following:

  • Bus transfer (from Institute to Retreat venue and vise versa)
  • Meals during the Retreat
  • Room accommodation at the Retreat venue

Click here for the Arhatic Retreat 2020 Registration form >>

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 1 
New: Php 12,000
Review:  Php 6,000

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 2 
New: Php 6,000
Review: Php 3,000

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 3.1 
New: Php 15,000
Review: Php 7,500

MCKS Arhatic Yoga Level 3.2
New: Php 7,500
Review: Php 3,750

Click here for the Arhatic Yoga Level Application >>


  • Applications are now being accepted.
  • Submit your application form at
  • The deadline for Arhatic Yoga Level application is on April 27, 2020.
  • Payment for AY level applicants will be accepted upon approval of your application.
  • Application form without an uploaded photo will not be accepted.


*Payment details will be sent upon receipt of your application.
*Upon payment, send an email notice of payment or copy bank deposit to
*Refund Policy: All payments are non-refundable but may be transferrable.



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