MCKS Instructor’s Training Program

Aiming to be an official Pranic Healing instructor?


Equip yourself with the proper background, principles, and techniques about modern Pranic Healing, its author, Master Choa kok Sui, and his other teachings. Learn tips and methods on how to be a successful course instructors and organizer.


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One Response to “MCKS Instructor’s Training Program”
  1. Pravin Madheswaran says:

    Atma Namaste,
    I am Pravin from India .I am an engineering graduate but worked in a business consulting firm post graduation .I quit my job due to lack of fulfilment and purpose . I was introduced to Pranic healing 6 months ago and I am now an Arhatic Yoga Practitioner .I was so intrigued by Master Choa’s teaching and I wish to explore the options of spreading his teaching. Is there a training program that I could apply at the Institute of Inner studies ?
    Can you please provide me with more details ?

    Warm regards ,

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